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Living Stone Freight Solutions

A Reliable Company


Living Stone Freight Solutions was founded in 2010 by Jeremy Gobble, Tracy Gobble, and Kevin Hight. We started with a hand me down forklift, free labor (we loaded the product ourselves), and a local packaging company that brought in a few loads a week.  Since then, we've grown to over 50 employees and a fleet of 22 forklifts and 12 clamp trucks in multiple locations across the Southeast. We handle many different products including raw paper, finished good cartons, plastic moldings, lumber, automotive, and many other consumer goods. The secret to our success is that we go out of our way to never tell a customer "no." We strive to make our answer "yes," then figure out how to meet the needs of the customer and do it better and more efficient than anyone else. 

Our Employee Family

Here at Living Stone, our employees are like family. We are proud to be called home to driven employees who share the same goals both for the company, and in life. We know and respect the value each employee holds.


Shannon Boswell  8 years

President / CEO

Extension 143

Ethan Perry 11 years

Warehouse Supervisor / Scheduler

Extension 144


Chad Kuykendall   1 year

Corinth Warehouse Manager

Extension 166

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